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Journalism Isn't Dying, It's Thriving

November 11, 2018

Journalism is not a dying field, it is a field centered around change, adaptability and intentionality.



As a journalism major, I am often asked, "Why are you going into a dying industry? How will you find work?". My answer is that journalism isn't dying, it's thriving.


Journalism is evolving and it's happening fast. The era of print journalism and newspapers may be coming to an end, but journalism is as alive as ever through technology.


Journalism began as straightforward news stories on newspaper pages that were delivered every morning. It has now evolved into instantaneous news sent right to the fingertips of readers through their smartphones.

Because technology has made the news so accessible, readers have become dissatisfied with journalism that simply answers the question, "what happened?". An interest in the analysis, commentary, and conversation regarding a news story has emerged.


I'm not saying that news covering the basic events of a story is irrelevant, it's more than relevant. It's the backbone of any type of news. However, this style of news by itself is no longer marketable nor successful for news outlets.


The demand for journalism is increasing but the medium through which it is done and how it is expressed is changing. Because of this, news outlets have turned to digital storytelling through apps, blogs, youtube channels and social media. Newspapers are learning to progress in the way news is presented and adapt to change within the industry. This is what keeps it alive.


The news industry is undergoing a major shift from traditional journalistic reporting to modern day digital communication. As an aspiring Journalist, my response to this shift is a combination of excitement and uncertainty. I look forward to being a part of the evolution of journalism because change equates to growth, however, an industry undergoing such change is ambiguous.


Although I dream of having my own byline and seeing my work in print, I know the field I'm entering isn't what it used to be and that dream isn't conducive to the current state of the industry. I can now look forward to not only reporting a story but finding an angle and capturing the readers of today's generation through new tactics. I can look forward to educating myself on the role of journalism in the media, and I can be a part of keeping this industry alive.


To the people who say journalism is dying, I have to disagree. Journalism is thriving. Yes the industry is changing, but what industry hasn't changed? Without change, how can an industry grow?

As long as there's news, Journalism will be alive. It is how we choose to present this news that will dictate the future and relevancy of journalism for our society. Journalism is not a dying field, it is a field centered around change, adaptability, and intentionality.



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