From booking to shooting to delivery, this 2 and a half hour session covers it all. 


We’ll kick things off at a styled shoot with a real life couple so you can learn how to direct and pose a couple. After the shoot, we’ll grab a cup of coffee and I’ll encourage you in the areas you excelled on our shoot, and I’ll help you work through the areas you can improve in.

Your mentorship session can essentially look however you want it to! Prior to our session, you’ll fill out a pre-mentorship session questionnaire so I can learn about your personal goals and the biggest questions you have.

During the coffee shop portion of your session, we’ll go over the topics you requested that we cover in your questionnaire. These mentorship sessions generally run for around three hours, but don’t worry about remembering everything. After the session I’ll send you a guide with all the key things we went over!

+ finding your niche and style
+ attracting and booking your ideal client
+ pricing and packages
+ email templates and PDFs
+ workflow/data management
+ client interaction and experience
+ contracts – what should they include?
+ utilizing social media to book clients
+ collaborating with brands
+ work/website critique
+ q&a – ask me anything!


Learn the basic foundations of editing in Lightroom.


One of the biggest parts of building your personal brand and creating your own style is how you edit your work. If you’ve ever wondered how to achieve that warm and moody romantic look or make your colors pop for fashion photography, this session is for you!

You can add an hour long Lightroom intensive on to your mentorship session which covers the basics of editing and retouching. We’ll go through the images from the live shoot and work through the editing process together to help you develop and maintain a consistent style that is true to your personality.

+ the basics of using Lightroom Classic (Lightroom Classic is available with the Adobe Photography plan).
+ creating a preset that reflects your style
+ how to make a preset work on any photo

+ editing images with harsh light and shadows
+ color grading

+ batch editing tips + tricks
+ basic retouching

i'm in!