Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet! My name is Grace and I'm a student majoring in Digital Journalism and minoring in Graphic Design and Visual Art in Lakeland, Fla., but I make frequent trips back to my home in New Jersey. I fill my life doing the things I'm passionate about and with the people who brighten my days immensely.

When I don't have a camera in hand you can find me with a pen and paper instead. I love all things involving words and I work in the PR department at Southeastern University writing press releases and editorial copy.


I've always been more artistically inclined and photography is something I've loved since I was 9 years old. I started out with a little Canon Powershot photographing the flowers in my yard and my friends. A few years later I purchased my first "fancy camera" and began capturing new things, evolving as not only an artist but as a person.


I'm most inspired by people's stories, and it seems to me that life is always changing. I adore documenting the most memorable pieces of your story and freezing those moments in time so you can go back to them through a simple photograph. I believe that love is intentional, so the art that reflects your love should be intentional too. I love to capture the things that emulate beauty to me, the in between laughs, raw emotion and unexpected expressions. I believe in images that reflect you, ones you cherish, and lots of them.

things i love

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grace jicha

grace is a photographer & graphic designer based in the tampa & orlando florida areas.

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Grace Jicha


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